September 08, 2006

Top 10 Things You'd See in China, but Probably Not in the U.S.

10. Old men squatting like catchers as a way to relax, smoke a cigarette and pass the time.
9. Floor level toilets
8. Goats being herded down a busy street
7. People cleaning vegetables on the sidewalk or street
6. Laundry-mats where the people do all your laundry for you and it only costs $10
5. Black eggs with green yolks on a restaurant buffet
4. Congee (a watery rice type of the few things Sheehan will eat)
3. Noodles being hung to dry out on lines on the sidewalk
2. Ashtrays in pretty much all buildings
1. Toddlers with holes cut out in the crotch area so that they can pee with out taking their clothes out ... oh yeah ... and they pee at the curb of their streets. Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM

    Now the #1 may catch on in the US..LOL.....Will mom be able to make Congee?...I would open a box of Uncle Bens and start adding stuff...This is why Sheehan will be happy about grannyC living in CO. I will not be messing with his food....and the black eggs with green yolk is OUT.....lm

  2. Cindi Johnson10:50 PM

    Hi! Hope you are all feeling better! and sleeping more too. You've been amazing at keeping us posted on all the happenings. And of course the pictures are the best! How about a mom and son - tongue sticking out picture? Prayers for health and continued safety. Also, how was Sheehan upon leaving the orphanage after his visit? Did he know it was just a visit?


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