September 13, 2006

Out of Here - Part 2

It's 5:15 am and I just wanted to post while I'm awake and Steve is showering and Sheehan is still asleep. My cold is still pretty heavy, but much better than two days ago. Now, it's just major congestion and a lot of coughing. But, the earache and sore throat have diminished. I think I've sneezed as many times in the last 3 minutes as my mom does on an average morning.

Well, Steve is done, so it's my turn in the shower. See you all soon! Love to everyone! Thanks for following our trip!


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  1. Steve & Cindi Johnson6:20 PM

    God's Speed - Family Hall!!!

    We love you guys!!

  2. Anonymous7:15 PM

    Love you!

  3. lynne vandenbranden11:02 PM

    hey kate and steve. i finally got a chance to check out your guy's blogg page. i couldn't find the email you sent me with the website. but i'm here now and i'm readign them all and am so happy and excited for you guys. i'm almost in tears out of happiness for the two of you. i can't wait to meet sheehan and then i remember that it won't be til christmas! but i look forward to seeing him them. college is going really good! i miss home every now and again, i'm sure you do too! have a good flight tomorrow!

  4. Anonymous10:18 AM

    From Beth - AHEFC library: Just this morning, I watched a sweet adoption story on television. The couple and their family and friends were celebrating the arrival home with their 9 month old daughter from China. The bonding was so dear to watch. I am thinking of your arrival home today and of all who have been sharing in your adoption journey. While the trip ends today as you arrive home, your journey as a family is just beginning. May God guide you as you nurture Sheehan in His love.


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