April 17, 2008

Day 77 since our log-in date with China

We're on day 77 of our wait for our letter of acceptance (LOA) to adopt Josiah. We know people who received their LOA on day 66 and day 80. It is so hard not to run to the answering machine everytime I walk in the house to see if our agency has left us a message. I'm constantly reminding myself that God's timing is perfect and EVERYTHING is under His control. I also know that when we do get the call, I will freak out because nothing is done...all Josiah's clothes, toys and books (I actually unpacked a few books) are still boxed up from when Sheehan used them. I get a little overwhelmed trying to figure out where I'm going to put all these clothes for two boys. They will have one dresser and one four foot wide closet between them. I guess I can begin boxing up Sheehan's winter clothes. But, then where do I put the boxes of Sheehan's winter clothes? LOL! I think our garage might explode at any minute sending clothes, bikes, crafts, books, old photos, camping equipment, canned food and everything else (which obviously doesn't include a vehicle) flying sky high. There's one small path that I've made that allows me to walk through...as long as I'm not carrying anything too wide. At least it's warmer now and we were able to move the gas grill to the patio. :-) Print Friendly and PDF

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