September 09, 2006

Day 10 - New City

Ahhhh...I cannot tell you how nice it is to be onto the next city. Xi'an is a VERY dry and dusty city, Guangzhou is Florida. It's tropical. And there are tons of American families with their Chinese children all over the place.

Today, we flew out of Xi'an at about noon and into Guangzhou at 2pm. Sheehan was sooo good on the plane. We were really worried. And I'm sure it will be a different story on our 13 hour flight home. His favorite part of the flight was the meal. We had noodles and beef and rice and something orange-colored. He liked both and ate heartily. There was nobody in the seat next to us, so he got to use that one.

When we arrived at the hotel, we ran into a few of the other couples who were in our group in Beijing. We will see them again tomorrow. It's so neat to see all these families with their new little additions. One of the couples adopted a little boy who is 8 years old who has mild cerebral palsy. He is SO cute. At dinner, we heard him call his mom, Mama.

We are staying at the White Swan Hotel, which is on a little island, called Shamian Island. There is a river with dinner cruise boats going through (I think we might be able to do that this week...sweet!). The island looks very British. I think our tour book said it was occupied by the British after the Opium wars or something like that. This island really caters to adoptive parents. There are laundry places everywhere, a 7-11 across the street, stroller and children clothing stores everywhere. There is also an American restaurant called Lucy's. YUM! I had a cheeseburger and fries, Steve had a beef burrito (tiny compared to Chipotle...China hasn't caught onto American-sized portions, thank goodness) and Sheehan had congee. Sheehan tried a french fry, chewed it up and spit it out. He's allowed to hate celery, but fries?...come on.

Lucy's ... a welcome sight to road weary travelers!

Steve and I think we're the best parents ever. ha ha! At dinner, Sheehan pointed at something on the wall, we both turned our heads and Sheehan spilled his congee all over himself (full bowl). This would be able to be overlooked except that we also forgot to bring a bib. I laughed pretty hysterically. I'm always such a perfectionist, but parenting is not one of those areas. I'm like...we'll just give him a bath when we get back. We got a banana split and it had one of those little umbrellas in it that you get in your Shirley Temples. Well, Sheehan was playing with it...we were smart enough to make sure he didn't put it in his mouth or poke out his eye with the sharp end, but mom showed him how to move the umbrella up and down. Steve immediately quoted "you just sowed him how to destroy that". When he tried it, he accidentally ripped the entire thing apart. Bye-bye umbrella. It looked like a wild animal destroyed it. Mom and Dad laughed hysterically again.

Mom laughing because... (note the spillage on Sheehan's shirt)

...of this umbrella

We came back to the hotel, gave Sheehan a bath and bottle and he went right to sleep only with crying for about a minute (WAAAAY better than the 30 minutes of hysterical crying last night).

Our hotel has a pool, so we hope to take Sheehan for a dip tomorrow. We'll see how that goes. Dad has high hopes. Mom's not so sure. He loves to take baths, but a pool is a little bigger than the tub. Tomorrow, we are meeting with the other families in the morning and then going to a church down the street next to the American Consulate (where we will finalize the adoption). We're looking forward to going to church. That'll be neat. Wow, I just thought about how the big start up at AHEFC is tomorrow. I'm so focused on China, that I forgot about the goings-on at home. Hope everything goes well with the Fall Start-up!!!

A few things I would add to that last Top 10 list from yesterday (besides the fact that you could probably find any of those items in Wisconsin) are...
11. People constantly sweeping the streets with GIANT shrub-like brooms (it's so bizarre) ... (it is even more bizarre since the cities are horribly polluted and many times it seems these street sweepers are just moving dust back and forth ... they are incredibly hard workers though).
12. Restaurants serving fresh fish, have dead fish at the bottom of their "fresh fish" fish tank. MMMMM :-)
13. Low crime. We went into some areas that in Chicago we wouldn't venture into at any time of day. But in China that is not a concern. The only thing you need to watch out for are pickpockets.

Answers to questions on comments page and other items:
Mom Weimer: Yes, I have a recipe for congee. I got it from my yahoo group. I'm glad I have it. He did eat some banana yesterday and surprised us by enjoying peanuts last night. Hopefully, he won't break out in a rash or something. LOL!

Mom Weimer (part 2): No we are not buying stock in KFC, but if you had to eat Chinese food every day for lunch and dinner, you would welcome some of the Colonel's finger lickin' good food now and then too :)

Cindi: Sheehan had no problem leaving the orphanage. He waved bye-bye and blew them all a kiss as he left. They must have taught him how to do that. He does it to the people in every toll booth we pass.

Susie: I need your home email address. Email me at Thanks! :-)

Melissa: Sheehan is wearing Fleurette's old Cat in the Hat pajamas and they fit perfectly. The last hotel room was very warm so he just slept in shorts and a t-shirt, this one has A/C - I might sleep like a baby tonight...hopefully, I won't wake up at 3:30 am needing a diaper change though. Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Steve, Let me remind you about your first experience in a pool. Not good!!!! And you loved the bathtub running down the hallway every time you heard water running in the bathroom. So be careful and don't traumatize your son!!! LOL !!! I'm sure that you both are loving the fact that you are back with other Americans and their new kids. It helps not feeling so isolated. Sending up prayers for all 3 of you. Can't wait till I get to see you next weekend. Mom Z

  2. Melissa8:31 AM

    I was laughing so hard when I saw the umbrella picture. I felt like I was right there with you guys. I saw Katherine's face and I could tell it was one of those kind of laughs!! And I just couldn't control my laughter either.

    This blog is such a great idea!!! Every morning, I've bee-lined it to the computer to read your updates! I really look forward to them everyday. Scott and Fleurette really love to hear me read about what you guys are doing and looking at the pictures.

    I feel like I am getting to know Sheehan with each new day! He already has a great sense of humor!

    Scott wants to thank you guys for the card! Thank you, it's flippin' sweet!!

    Love you guys!


  3. Anonymous12:53 PM

    I was laughing when I read your blogger this morning. What a memory!!...Remember all the great times you, Melissa, Kim and I had during our restaurant laughing fits. I remember times when I thought we were going to be booted out the door.

    Sheehan looks soooooooooo cute. I think he loves his new mom and dad. Wait until he meets the rest of us…….We love him already.

    We enjoy reading your blogger and your details of what you all are doing.

    I think your average home makers can relate to people sweeping the streets. We clean our homes again, and again. The dust just keeps coming back….There is a certain amount of pride in sweeping dirt in another direction…..right!!!??

    I hope you are feeling better. Give a big x and o to Steve and Sheehan for us….lm

  4. Anonymous1:33 PM

    Wisconsin Gramps checkin' back in and lovin' the pix and updates. All is well & fine in B.G. Workin' on last of my "Grandpa-do" list! Just finished installing Packer paraphenalia in Sheehan's room! LOVED the Wisconsin rip but the jokes on youz guys...Geri & I have lived in Dairyland 11 years now and have only witnessed 9 of your top 10 list...hah! Loved the pic of vendor selling Corn On The Cob(blestone)! Walked into Montello, WI, Medical Clinic yesterday & staff said "we think your new Grandson is adorable"! They got the website from Geri's friend Connie...Sheehan is already being admired in "God's Country"! So proud of you two (three) as you follow God's leading. Lots of prayers and love...see you Thursday! Dad (the funniest guy Kate knows)!

  5. Lauren2:53 PM

    Hey guys!
    I have been reading your updates almost every day and am totally enjoying it! I can't wait until you get back so I can meet him! It seems like everything is going so well and I'm so glad for you. Thanks for keeping us all updated!
    :) Lauren

  6. Aunt Kim3:17 PM

    Well, Kayla has done a few crazy things when we have gone out to eat...(STILL DOES... whoops don't tell her I said that). I remember when we went to Dollywood and she projectile vomited across the table while Melissa was holding her. Yeppers.. that was a sight. It almost hit some snooty looking woman and I think she gagged.... But I was cracking up, because of all the times we have all gone into laughing fits and couldn't stop. We don't care who sees us laugh either.. that is the funniest thing about laughing in public!! Keep on laughing!!!

  7. jennie6:50 PM

    Hey K8 and steve and Sheehan!!!!
    Awww you have an anazing and very good looking SON, steve I think he gets from you!! well I cant wait to see you SON I cant believe you PARENTS, k8 sonlife will not me the samt till you come back, see you when u get home.
    *sheehan your home now too.*
    See you all later
    have a Safe trip home.
    LOVE Jennie


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