September 02, 2006

Day 3 - Exhausting

Ok, so today we did something stupid. This goes beyond my forgetting to put on deoderant this morning. Steve and I hiked to the highest point of the Great Wall. I'm barely able to stay awake to type this. My legs were shaking all the way down the wall. It was reminiscent of helping Lauren and Kim move a few weeks ago. So, tomorrow I shouldn't be able to walk. Sheehan will have to meet his handicapped mom.

Anyway, we got up today (me at 3:30 a.m. and Steve at 4 a.m.). We showered, did a Bible study together and then ate breakfast. YUM! Basically, the same as yesterday, but I so look forward to it every morning. I think that's why I got up at 3:30...jk. T

Today, we met the rest of our group. There are 7 couples total. They're pretty much from all over the country. Two couples are from Ohio, so we had something in common (Cincinnati and Valley City...near the Wilson's!). We drove with our tour guide to Tiananmen Square/Tomb of General Mao/Forbidden City. There were hundreds of people waiting in line to pay their respect to General Mao. His tomb is at Tiananmen Square. I don't remember the Chinese significance of T. Square, only what we saw with the students being shot in the 80's.

Tiananmen Square...

We crossed under the street to the Forbidden City. This is where the Emperors lived for many, many years, until (I think) 1911. Before 1912 nobody was allowed inside the Forbidden City. Now, it's open to the public. There are 9999.5 rooms in the Forbidden City. It was huge and a lot of it was under construction. A LOT of Beijing is under construction, as they're preparing for the 2008 Olympics.

Tiananmen Square/Way to Forbidden City

After the Forbidden City, we had lunch at a Peking duck restaurant and tried Peking duck. Steve was very fond of it, as he woofed down like 4 little pancake-fuls of duck. We sat around a table with our group and got to know each other better.

After lunch, we drove to the Great Wall. It was VERY hazy and foggy, as you can see from the photos. I think we climbed like 500 stairs or something. Coming down was almost as bad. On the way home from the Wall, which is about an hour drive outside of Beijing, we drove by the construction site for where they will host the 2008 Olympics.

Starting out...

On the way up...

Almost to the top...

We came back to our hotel, showered, since we sweated more than any time since our trip last fall to Louisiana and/or Lauren's move (remember I had no deoderant on) and then went to KFC for dinner.

Tomorrow morning, we leave for Xi'an. We have to meet Anna, our guide, in the lobby downstairs at 8:30 a.m. Good night everyone! :-)...I guess it's Good Morning to you. :-)

And finally...just so you know what I have go toilet.

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  1. Melissa7:53 AM toilet is crazy!

    The great wall looked really cool! It's so neat that you guys got to see it and go there.

    I am really excited! I can't for you guys to meet Sheehan. And we can't wait to meet him, too!!

    Melanie's over this weekend. And I've been reading all of your blogs outloud and we've been laughing so loud. You guys are so funny!!!

  2. Anonymous10:21 AM

    My eyes would turn green...LOL..I could not handle the restrooms. You know how I am about traveling on the train......

    I would think for cleaning purposes, they just hose down the whole room... For this reason only...I would have one in my bathroom....LOL....What does a handicap person do?

    The pics are great...We both look forward to reading and looking at your website.

    Get more pics of you and Steve in action. I know everytime I take a pic of him he has his tongue out....I guess he is showing some respect over there....LOL...

    I love the one of him near the top of the Wall...

    Have a great time....We love

  3. Fascinating blog guys! You're really making us want to visit China. I'm really impressed with the faithful blogging.

    Have a great trip to Xi'an!

  4. Dave Gruthusen2:08 PM

    It looks easier to throw up in!

    Happy baby!

  5. Dave Gruthusen2:23 PM

    ...oh, and I hope you sleep later than 3:30! It's 3:30am your time right now! Tyler, Jordan, Talia, Kresson, and I just finished praying for y'all, and especially for boy wonder! Sheehan's picture is up on our computer today!

  6. Anonymous6:44 PM

    Mom & Dad Hall,

    It's Saturday night here, but it's baby day for you guys. You'll probably be flying soon. I'll pray for you, Kate!

    Can't wait to get up tomorrow morning and check your blog!!

    Tom & Susie

  7. Anonymous10:35 PM

    Luke (Steve)....this is your father! Love the website and the pix. Especially: The Great Hall On The Great Wall! All is fine at Hall House. Lolita leaped into my arms and licked my face...right! She let Geri pet her twice and then snarled...I just get the snarl (I got revenge by sprinkling tobasco over her food). We are all praying and God is looking forward to the 14th and a safe return to good old U S of A. Give Sheehan a big hug from all the Halls! God's Speed!

  8. What up, Gs?! I hope you're having a good time, and everyone back here is totally excited for Sheehan! Tonight Jessi, Col and I were at Ryan's house for his bday, and we were talking about how awesome it was that the next time we saw you, you'd be a mommy!!!Bubs, I hope you're not mean to Sheehan like you're mean to me. And just wait until HE starts driving and hits a mailbox, then we'll see who's calling whom an MBK. Have Fun!! I'll be praying for you!
    Love Jenny
    p.s.-Kate, I have exciting news for when you get back. But Im not telling Steve, because we all remember what happened the last time I told him something.

  9. Aunt Kim7:07 PM

    Ok. Well I thought using an out house was bad. I can't imagine. How do you sit on this? If it is in the floor.. well.. you would just have to forget about me ever getting back off the floor.

  10. Anonymous9:10 PM

    Daddy & Mommy Hall~
    I'm so excited for you. Can't wait for Grandpa Hall to get home so I can see pictures of our little Sheehan. Lots of love.
    xoxoXO(that one's for Sheehan)

    Love Grandma Hall

  11. ronnie - the other8:49 PM

    hey guys!! (all 3 of you!)

    Sheehan is one handsom boy... i cant wait to meet him, tell him i say hi!

    nice toilets, sorry thats all i got to say about that. Steve you look like you were tired walking up those stairs thats what exercise feels like...just kidding i probably would even make it up half way, haha.
    Thats so cool you went to the forbidden city! im jealus.

    we are all praying for you guys!


  12. Anonymous10:00 AM

    I remember those toilets, interesting!
    Sheehan is such a little cutie and I'm lovin' the photos!
    jeff and jeanne turner

  13. Anonymous6:05 PM

    Hello from Denver, CO!
    Kate, I am a friend of your mom. and she told me about your website. I am very impressed with how detailed it is and I love the pictures. I especially love this picture of the China-toilet!!! LOL!! WOW! I also enjoyed the comments folks have left about it here... Well, congratulations on your recent adoption and I think Sheehan is totally adorable. He is truly blessed to get the 2 of you for parents, and I pray God will bless your family daily with sweet blessings from Heaven.

    With smiles across the miles,
    Carolyn H. of Colorado


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