September 08, 2006

Day 9 - Last full day in Xian

Today was our last full day in Xi'an. We are looking forward to moving onto Guangzhou where we get to meet up again with the other families we met in Beijing. We will have 7 additional children in our group now.

Today, was a little rough. Kate caught Sheehan's cold and we all still have the traveler's "flu." Steve had to do most of the caretaking of Sheehan today as Kate vegged from having too much Benadryl and then napped in the afternoon to try to get back some of her energy, but it was a great time for dad and son to bond.

In the morning, we drove to the hospital where Sheehan was found. It is about one hour and 15 minutes away from our hotel in Hu County. We only stayed for maybe 10 minutes, but it was very much worth it to see the town his birth parents most likely live in. It was definitely more rural than Xi'an...even though it's still considered to be Xi'an. The geography here is confusing to me.

Hospital where Sheehan was found

Second floor of Hospital where Sheehan was found

Some interesting things we saw in Hu County were:
1) A man leading a small flock of goats down the street
2) People selling corn on the street...literally on the street. The corn was laid out (not in the husks) on the street in various places in the town. You could pick it up and then pay for it.

Corn on the Street

When we got back, Steve and Sheehan went to KFC while mom napped and then they played. Then we did more paperwork for the adoption, gave Sheehan a bath (we all love this because Sheehan has fun and he gets CLEAN!), and packed for our flight tomorrow.

Sheehan playing Peek-a-boo behind the curtain

Cool Dude!

Good Bye Xi'an! (taken from our hotel window) Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Yay for your continued journey closer to home!!! Hope you enjoy your stay in Guangzhou, you'll see little guys and gals like Sheehan all over the place with their new mommies and daddies! Muchas hugses,
    jeanne and jeff turner

  2. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Is that a beard...Steve is sporting?

    I thought the town of Xi'an would be a very very small town. It looks like a major city.

    Love the peek-a-boo and cool dude pic....

    Are you buying stock in KFC?

    Katherine, please take care of yourself.

    I think our grandbaby is acting like your average 2 year old......Just ask Fleurette...

    You are in my thoughts and prayers...lm

  3. Anonymous2:18 PM

    Hall Family,

    Kate, sorry to hear you're sick :(
    Missed you and Lauren at my farewell luncheon at Olive Garden on Wednesday. Wasn't the same without you guys there!!!

    We absolutely love the pictures you are posting. We continue to pray for you during your journey.

    Tom & Susie

  4. Gina Garrison4:30 PM

    Steve, Kate and Sheehan, i'm so happy we can share in your journey. It is awesome to see your photos and read your journals. Sheehan is a cutie, can't wait to see him in person. Take care of yourselves and wishing you safe travels.

    Gina, Jeff and Lindsay

  5. Anonymous5:07 PM

    Steve & Kate, Steve what's that on your chin ?? Are you letting Sheehan play with a marker??? Kate take care of yourself and Steve watch it that you don't get that cold. Soon soon very soon you'll be on your way back to the states. Great pics. THANKS for the insights !!! MOM & Mark


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