September 13, 2006


Oh yeah!

China is an amazing place to visit but we are so ready to come home to our family, our friends, our home, and our country.

Today we all went to the American Consulate (essentially the same as an embassy) to receive Sheehan's passport back with his immigrant visa to the US. That coupled with some official papers that will receive an important stamp from US customs in Chicago will make Sheehan an official citizen of the United States. We can't wait.

Other than that it was basically a free day. The same old massive buffet for breakfast, walking around the hotel for a while, back to the room for some resistance before Sheehan agreeing to a nap, lunch in the hotel (because it was raining all day), out to the consulate, then out to Lucy's one last time where every one of our families ended up eating which tells you how much you miss American food when you are overseas. One amusing side note is that Katherine ordered some pasta Bolognese-style that apparently tasted just like the kind her neighbor Nana used to make. It figures she needs to travel 7,000 miles on a plane to find pasta like Nana used to make LOL!

The other amusing thing is that we are starting to realize that Sheehan takes as long to eat his meals as his Grandpa Hall does :-) They will get along just fine!

We have an early morning ahead of us tomorrow. Up at 5 AM, bags picked up at 6 AM, shuttle leaving for the airport at 7 AM with breakfast thrown in there somewhere so this will be our last post until we get back home. Thanks again for all of the comments everyone left us, as well as your prayers and support. If all goes well we will arrive in Beijing tomorrow (9/14) around noon-time (11 PM CST) and the arriving at O'Hare around 4:30 PM CST.

Can't wait to see everyone!

Steve, Kate and Sheehan

Children from our group (plus Steve's hands holding up Sheehan)

Entire group

Self portrait

Steve delivering the toast at the farewell dinner

A common scene in a Chinese restaurant. We actually saw them cut up the bird, including the head and put it on a platter ... MMMMMM

Um ... I Can't explain this one ... Katherine goes the extra mile to make Sheehan (and Steve) laugh :-)
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  1. Anonymous10:14 AM


    If your Mom & I tried to fit ourselves into that small space like you did, we'd be in traction for about a month. We were initially very impressed that Sheehan could balance himself on top of that couch until we realized that Steve was propping him up from behind.


  2. Aunt Kim10:17 AM

    Okay..I have a photo of Shana when she was little in a cabinet. I have a photo of Bryon in a cabinet...Now.. I have one of Katherine!!! OKAY!!!

  3. Cindi6:23 PM

    Kate, that "food" challenge between you and Lauren really paid off if it allows you to fit into "most" hotel coffee tables! :) You are a riot!! Very nice Family-self Portrait!

  4. Janice9:23 PM

    Katherine, Thank you for the reference to "Mama Hosse's" as you used to call her, Nana's spaghetti. That was really cute, and unbelieveable considering that you are in CHINA! I hope you have a nice trip home - Bye and Love, Janice

  5. Jessi :)8:17 PM's scary that I have absolutly no idea what to say about that last picture...


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