September 10, 2006

Day 11 - Pictures, Church and paperwork

Today was a fun, relaxing day. We didn't get a ton of sleep last night with Sheehan waking up and crying (I mean screaming) twice in the night, but when the sun is up, Sheehan is all smiles. We had our buffet breakfast in the hotel, and then met the rest of the group that we haven't seen since back on Day 3 in Beijing. It is really cool to be able to see all of these families with their new additions. It is especially neat to be with a group that all have various special needs kids. One thing I must say is it is pretty disappointing how relatively insignificant these "special needs" really are. You have Sheehan's pictures and he doesn't look or act much different from anyone else. And most of these other kids have very minute special needs. Yet because these kids are not perfect, they have practically no chance of getting adopted by a Chinese family and they tend to get overlooked or chosen away from because of the fears of potential adopters. It is sad and frightening because if these kids don't get adopted, they will be outcasts and destitute, not to mention parent-less the rest of their lives. If anyone is even considering adoption, whether internationally or domestic, please please please consider looking into special needs children. Mild special needs can be very manageable.

OK, off our soapbox. As a group we went to get our childrens' pictures for their visas and then most of us went to this Christian church just down the street from our hotel. It was really cool to be able to worship Christ in China of all places. And the message was pretty straight forward, not holding back on the gospel in any way. It was neat to see a sanctuary of about 125 people, with 25% of them adoption families. The best part, Sheehan slept through nearly the entire 2 hour service. Steve's back and arms were a bit sore, but it was well worth it. Sheehan is so happy when he is rested.

Outside the church

Inside the church

Later we had lunch (at Lucy's again :), completed some of our paperwork, and then walked the hotel property. We also were able to hang out in this large toddler room that was filled with toys and stuff for little kids. Sheehan had a ball and it was welcome relief from a comparatively smaller hotel room. It was unusually too cool to go swimming though. Maybe tomorrow.

Sheehan putting on his sandals by himself ... oops, wrong feet though :-)

As you know Sheehan was born with a cleft lip and palate. He has had surgery to repair his lip, but we believe his palate is still needing some work. This means the route between his mouth and nose is much more open than the rest of us. So today for lunch we fed Sheehan some noodles. A couple of hours later ... well, let's just say some of those noodles made a repeat appearance out his nose.

Right now it is 8:30 PM China time (7:30 AM US CST). Kate and Sheehan are fast asleep (for now) so life is pretty good. Kate still isn't feeling that great, but she toughs it out for her son.

Have a great Sunday everyone. GO BEARS and SOX! Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Melissa8:06 AM

    That's awesome that you guys got to go to church. It looks really cute.

    I love the one of Sheehan putting on his sandals.

    Man, this is like Christmas. We're so excited and we're waiting and waiting and waiting and soon the day will arrive when we meet him!

    Hugs and kisses and lots of love,

    p.s.- the video is on it's way.

  2. Rachel & Eric8:39 AM

    Steve and Kate-

    Thank you for being so faithful with your thoughts and photos. It is such a joy to see you with your new son and hear about your adventures.

    We can't wait to see you and little Sheehan!

    With love,
    Rachel & Eric

  3. Anonymous10:04 AM

    Happy Sunday evening in Guangzhou to Sheehan & Mom & Dad Hall! Thanks for the great updates and pics. Worship in China...awesome.B.G. chores completed...headin' home to celebrate Packer victory over Bears! God bless you Steve, Kate and Sheehan with a wonderful last 4 days in China. Hurry back to America! Love & Prayers from Grandpa Francis!

  4. Cindi5:14 PM

    It's 5pm Chicago time. Go Bears! Chicago winning 16-0 in the 3rd quarter. Thanks again for keeping us posted on the happenings of the Hall Family! You guys are GREAT at communication! I feel so blessed to be sharing in your daily life. Thanks for loving us so much! Cute pic of Sheehan and his shoes. Feel better Kate! Stay healthy Steve!:)

  5. Anonymous10:29 PM

    Awesome church pictures.

    Katherine please take care of yourself. I'm worried about you.

    The other granny and I had breakfast after church today....I bet your ears were burning!!!

    We can't wait for you all to get home.

    love you.....m

  6. MOM "Z"8:33 AM

    Hi Steve & Kate, The BEARS WON !!! Yeay, don't know about the SOX!! Bought a new camera so I can take lots & lots of pics of my new grandson.As I have orders from the other Granny "C". Love the pic of him putting on his sandels!! Awesome to know that you were able to worship God there in China. See ya soon. Love Mom Z


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