June 01, 2008

We have some volunteers to care for Fuzzy Kitty!

Thank you to all of you who offered to help care for our cat (like 6 people! Praise God!) while we're in china. We appreciate it soooooo much! We went with the first two offers which were from Paige and Holly/Jennie K. They were all in my high school youth group when I was leading a few years ago. They're so helpful! Thank you SO much!

Here is our itinerary while in China:

June 12 - Depart for L.A./Hong Kong
June 13 - Arrive in Hong Kong 6:45pm – stay at Marriott Renaissance
June 14 - Tour Victoria Peak/Star Ferry
June 15 - Depart Hong Kong for Zhengzhou – stay at Sofitel Zhengzhou
June 16 - Meet Josiah!
June 17-20 - Paperwork/get Josiah's passport/visa
June 21 - Depart Zhengzhou for Guangzhou – stay at White Swan
June 22 - Hang out in Guangzhou, maybe swim in the pool?
June 23 - Josiah's medical exam
June 24 - Appointment at US Consulate
June 25 - Take oath to adopt Josiah!
June 26 - Depart Guangzhou for Hong Kong – stay at Royal Pacific Hotel & Tower
June 27 - Disneyland Hong Kong
June 28 - Tour Hong Kong
June 29 - Depart Hong Kong/Arrive L.A./Chicago Print Friendly and PDF

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