June 15, 2008

Psalm 145:9 - The Lord is good to all; he has compassion on all he has made.

When we were still awake at 3am this morning, we suddenly realized that we had left our backpack at TGIFriday's where we had dinner ... I know what everyone is thinking ... you're in Hong Kong and you go to Friday's? What can I say, we like supporting Steve's company's customers ... and we wanted to play it safe knowing there were probably no American restaurants in our next city :-). Anyway, the backpack contained our video camera (with a little footage), a HK tour book (from the library), our sweaters/jackets and a change of clothes for Sheehan. We put it in a chair and forgot it when we walked out. Ugh! We got the phone # for Friday's from the internet and called to see if maybe they were still open since they had a bar. It was closed. Our flight was leaving at 12:40 today and we had to leave for the airport by 10am, most likely earlier than Friday's opened for the day. I was resigned to believe that we would not see our backpack again and I came to terms with it. Steve sent an email via their website to see if they might find it and also informed them that we would be back in HK in approximately two weeks. We eventually went to sleep and then woke up and just before we left at 10am, Steve called. Someone answered and Steve described where the backpack might be located and what it looked like. They went to look for it and came back and said they had found it! We rejoiced! Thank You God. Steve ran over and picked it up. It wouldn't have been a major loss, but we were really wanting to videotape our meeting Josiah like we did Sheehan, so we're very thankful to have it back.

We flew from HK to Zhengzhou today. Sheehan fell asleep on the way to the hotel. We will try to wake him soon, so we don't have a repeat of last night - he was up from 10pm to 4am. The hotel (Sofitel) is VERY nice. We're going to check out the pool at some point. Driving through Zhengzhou, it looked like there was a lot of construction going on, which I think pretty much describes all of China. So far, it looks similar to Xi'an, but there is not much tourism here, no lure for westerners, so we may be the only ones we see. There was a westerner on the airplane. I asked why westerners would come to this city and Miranda, our guide, said that they come to teach, if at all. There is a university in Zhengzhou. We have had many stares even just at the airport and on the airplane because we have Sheehan. I'm guessing they are thinking, what is that Chinese boy doing with these foreigners? I might ask Miranda to see if she has any ideas about their thinking.

We will meet Josiah at 3:30pm tomorrow! He will have a 4-5 hour car ride to meet us. Poor thing.

Happy Father's Day Dads! Wow, this has been kind of a lame Father's Day for Steve. Other than the card and gift card to Starbucks Sheehan gave him this morning, there wasn't much to it. :-( Maybe we can celebrate tomorrow. Getting a new son is a good Father's Day gift. :-)

We have not been able to access our blog or email in Zhengzhou. We will keep trying, but we're guessing that some sites are blocked here. Thankfully, we have been able to access Steve's work email and we are having my mom and/or sister post our blog.

It is now 4am. Sheehan has been awake since 1 am. We're hoping to get him to take a morning nap, so he'll be in good spirits to meet Josiah. Please pray that he'll take a nap...that is often not easy for him. Thanks! Print Friendly and PDF

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