June 20, 2008

Psalm 133:1 – How good and pleasant it is when brothers live together in unity!

Happy Birthday Steve! Today is Steve’s birthday. I was sad that he would have to spend it in China where nothing special is bound to happen, but things turned out much better than I thought.

We started the day as usual with the yummy breakfast. It didn’t rain, so we really could have gone to the zoo and it turned out to be really hot. I dressed the boys in sweatpants and jackets thinking it would be cool. Wrong. It was the hottest since we’ve been here. At 9:30am we went to the Henan Provincial History Museum. I was actually kind of bored. I don’t really know much about history, especially Chinese history and really it was all a bunch of vessels and figurines that were dug up in the Henan province thousands of years ago. That is interesting in itself, but I didn’t really know what I was looking at and I didn’t understand the significance of anything and after I’d seen 100 of the same pots, I felt like I had seen enough. After the museum we went back to the hotel b/c Josiah was falling asleep and Sheehan still wasn’t feeling well.

We ordered room service which was only $25 for 3 meals, two of which were kid’s meals, but were the size of any extra large adult meal. Just before our lunch, the front desk called and said they had a cake to bring up to Steve. They brought in a white cake with peaches and kiwi on top and an edible chocolate sign that said “Happy Birthday.” I wish I could have taken credit for all of this, but I had nothing to do with it. Steve thought I was pretending when I said I didn’t have anything to do with it. We still don’t know if one of the parents called the hotel or if the hotel staff got his info off the passport and this is just something that they do. The man who delivered it even put candles on it and we sang Happy Birthday. Josiah LOVED it and was clapping and smiling. Sheehan ran and hid under the pillows and kicked his legs, as he has some kind of fear of the Happy Birthday song (on his 3rd birthday he cried when we sang it to him).

Josiah had fried rice and fruit for lunch. He really seemed to be shoveling it in, like REALLY shoveling it in, especially the watermelon. It has us concerned that maybe he wasn’t getting fed enough at his orphanage. He eats so much and so fast and such huge bites. He hasn’t thrown up yet, so we’re thinking that what we’ve fed him has been ok. We’ll get more info back at home when he sees Dr. Andy on July 3rd.

The boys then took a nap and at 4:30pm, Miranda walked us over to pick up our laundry. As we were walking (I forgot my camera, of course) we saw a woman selling goldfish and bunny rabbits from a cart. PETA would have had a fit. The white bunnies were in tiny little cages with no room to move. She had about 20 of them. They were so cute.

For dinner, we celebrated by eating at the hotel restaurant where we eat breakfast. We have eaten at the same table every time we’ve been there (at least 6 times). It’s kind of behind a make-shift wall where all the tables are non-smoking. It’s good because when Josiah starts yelling with excitement at the top of his lungs, he doesn’t stand out as much.

It was the last night of the Seafood Festival. Wow! I’ve never seen seafood like this…ok, maybe on our honeymoon, but that was it. After dinner we took the kids to the little play area in the restaurant which amounted to some kiddie picnic tables and a bunch of stuffed animals. It was here that we witnessed another side to Josiah. It was like someone snuck five soda’s or cups of coffee to him when we weren’t looking. The kid was pure adrenaline. He was running, waiving his arms around, he even went on top of the picnic tables, grabbed Katherine’s hand and jumped right off … another difference from his conservative brother.

Before bed, we all got the cream treatment for Scabies. Katherine is really starting to itch since she has already had it before, plus she has been sleeping with Josiah.

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