June 21, 2008

Proverbs 14:23 - All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.

We're finally able to access our blog. Yea! But, now Skype is not working. :-(

Well we made it to Guangzhou, formerly known as Canton. Kate and I had our game plan laid out well last night for a smooth transition out of the Hotel Sofitel Zhengzhou and we were able to get everyone bathed, dressed, fed and packed up by 8:30 AM leaving plenty of time to get checked out before our ride to the airport. We bid Zai Jian to the Sofitel breakfast with Steve’s 30th slice of French Toast, Katherine’s 10th Brioche, Sheehan’s 50th piece of bacon and/or sausage and Josiah’s 18th pound of fried rice.

The airplane ride was … well … it was exhausting. As smooth as everything else has gone, the airplane ride was a challenge. Josiah is not a big fan of seat belts, and he wasn’t too keen on the roar of the plane engines during lift off either. But all of that paled in comparison to when Katherine went to the restroom … without Josiah. Wow! The kid can belt it out when he is unhappy. Let’s just say the entire plane turned to see Steve do his best song and dance routine with Josiah while Katherine took a brief two minutes to herself (with Sheehan). The good news is he has obviously begun his bonding with Katherine J.

We eventually arrived to the familiar White Swan hotel, where we reacquainted ourselves with the Japanese Carp and the inside waterfall, before heading to Lucy’s the Western restaurant where we had Pasta, Cheeseburgers and grilled cheese … oh yeah, and Josiah had an adult-sized plate of fried rice J. Then we went to the White Swan swimming pool where we enjoyed the kiddie pool.

Tomorrow we do some sightseeing and perhaps shopping, and weather permitting some more swimming. FYI - It was a high of 95°F today.

Next morning: We woke up this morning and both Steve and Sheehan are sick. Steve has a fever and probably will not be sightseeing today. Sheehan is iffy. They were both awake quite a bit last night coughing and just uncomfortable while Katherine and Josiah slept like peaceful babies.

By the way, Josiah has been singing “Happy Birthday to You” quite often since we sang it to Steve on his b-day. You can only make out the word, “you,” but the melody is definitely Happy Birthday. He’s quite a happy little boy that entertains everyone around him. He has adjusted SOOO easily so far. He’s very content with pretty much everything unless he asks specifically for something and you say no, then he cries and drops to the floor, but even that stops after a few minutes, so it’s been pretty easy. He’s learned the English words, “happy, sad (which he’ll actually act out and it’s quite funny), bye-bye, and uh-oh.”

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