June 25, 2008

The US Consulate

Proverbs 16:9 – In his heart a man plans his course, but the Lord determines his steps.

Statements that sum up our sons’ personalities thus far:
Josiah: I just wanna have fun (and food) on my timing!
Sheehan: I just wanna be the boss!...and everyone should follow my rules…especially Josiah.

Yesterday was a little more eventful. It rained most of the day, but the boys and Steve were able to get in a little swimming time before it really started to come down. After swimming, we dressed the boys up in their new Chinese outfits and took them around the hotel to get photographed. We took some on the traditional red couch, where all adopted children get their pictures taken, as well as in front of the waterfall and the fish.

Then we ate lunch at the deli downstairs again (super cheap!) and then Josiah took a nap and Sheehan watched a video. After the nap, we went to the US consulate. Helen, our guide, had called earlier in the day to tell us that she wouldn’t be able to meet us, but another person would (Steve couldn’t understand the name) at 2:30pm in the lobby.

At 2:30pm, nobody showed up and there was still nobody at 2:45pm. Adoptive families came and went and a person named Kenny came and gathered a bunch of families and so we thought maybe we were supposed to go with them??? We really needed to be at the consulate b/c this was where we would get Josiah’s visa and all the applications for him to immigrate into the US. If we didn’t make it, we would have to wait another week. Steve was becoming very frantic, to say the least. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that anxious (usually it’s me).

We saw a familiar-looking woman herding a bunch of families onto a bus to take to the consulate and we told her our dilemma and how there was no guide to meet us. She said she would take us. It turned out that this woman, Elsie, was our same guide in Guangzhou, when we adopted Sheehan, through Children’s Hope International. We were so thankful! Plus, she entertained everyone on the bus with singing, telling jokes, and sharing some information about Guangzhou. While we were on the 30-minute bus drive she received a call. We heard her say the word, “Helen,” and knew it must be about us. She got off the phone and told us that there were two women waiting to meet us and were following behind us in the hotel bus. They said we were supposed to meet us at 2:45pm, and we said, we were told 2:30pm. Everything worked out in the end and we got Josiah’s visa and the mysterious “brown envelope” that we’re not allowed to open. Only immigration in the US can open it.

After we got back, we headed straight to Lucy’s for our 4th and final meal there. I had spaghetti (tasty), Steve had a grilled chicken wrap, and the boys split some satay, which neither of them ate.

After dinner, we packed and went to bed a little earlier. Today, we are leaving on a train for Hong Kong. It is a two hour ride, but only costs $25/adult (kids are free). I think the only reason a person would fly to HK is b/c they don’t know just how cheap it is to take the train. We were told that it would be MUCH more expensive than it actually cost us….like $55 more and we thought we’d have to pay for the boys. This morning, we will pick up the last of our artwork and souvenirs and then head out on the 11:15 shuttle to the train station with our guide.

Praise God for Zicam. I have not gotten full blown sick yet. I have been taking that stuff religiously and have felt kind of tired and weak with a soar throat around 8pm (my China bedtime) and then sleep well at night and wake up refreshed. Josiah has not gotten sick either (maybe he gave us the cold). Steve is on the upswing (or at least he’s hopeful that he is) and so is Sheehan, but they still are very congested, coughing, and kind of tired.

Hey Melissa, have any tomatoes grown on my plants yet? Big Boy or Cherry?
Waking up Josiah
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  1. Anonymous9:37 PM

    Hi Kate,

    I am loving your blog and pictures!! Thanks for all the updates. Soon it will be our turn to go--

    Love, JOY Bohrer

  2. Anonymous11:08 PM

    Now you know what poor Jon goes through getting me out of bed in the mornings...Great job Sheehan....Love GrannyC

  3. Yes, you do have tomatoes growing, a few small ones. I'm not sure what kind, they have the lighter leaves and are really big.


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