June 17, 2008

Psalm 90:1-2 – Lord, you have been our refuge in every generation. Before the mountains were born, before you gave birth to the earth and the world, from eternity to eternity, you are God.

Yesterday (Tuesday), was a lot more relaxing than Monday. By the way, I’m pretty sure it was primarily nerves that was causing my stomach difficulty, as we ate at the same Chinese restaurant Monday night and I had no ill effects. In the morning, we hung around the hotel room after our elaborate breakfast. These meals are amazing! They have everything you can imagine, even sushi (yuck, in my opinion). It has been cool to watch Josiah eat pretty much anything we set in front of him. So far, he won’t eat banana or pumpkin soup (we really are trying almost everything). He did kind of have an upset stomach yesterday and what we’re feeding him probably has something to do with that, so we’ll try to hold back. We’re just so excited to see a kid eat fruit and vegetables!

Later in the morning, we went out for a walk in the park across the street. We were getting the usual stares. We are starting to understand that this must be the way of their culture. Staring isn’t acceptable in the US, but here it is normal and common. When we were at the park, there were a couple men playing Chinese instruments and a woman was standing there singing. It looked very impromptu (we forgot the camera). Another person was staring at us closely, so Katherine waved and Steve videotaped him (true confessions … to make sure I had footage of him if he decided to accost usJ). He smiled and then others came over almost as if that was an invitation to talk to us. They started talking to us in Chinese … they knew zero English. Katherine was able to communicate in her minimal Chinese enough to let them know we didn’t understand (although I later learned through our conversation that I was telling them I didn’t know anything – LOL!). We were able to tell them Sheehan and Josiah’s names, where they were from, how old they were, that they were our sons and that Sheehan didn’t understand Chinese, but Josiah did, and that we were from America and that I only knew a tiny bit of Chinese. One man was ranting and raving and I kept hearing the word for America(n), but then when he was done, he smiled at us. Who knows what he was saying. I immediately came back and looked up a bunch of words I wanted to say, but had forgotten.

After the park, we ate lunch, then took a nap, then went to the adoption affairs office where we officially became Josiah’s parents. The woman in the picture presented the certificate to us.

After the “ceremony” we headed to the grocery store. Sheehan loved the flat escalators that you can put your cart on and Josiah LOVED the shopping cart. These carts are different from the US b/c they go sideways too, so that makes for some fun maneuvering. Every time you turn a corner you feel like you’re trying to catch up to your cart. Then we headed to Chinese McDonald’s for some Happy Meals, then back home for some playtime before collapsing into bed.

Today, we are driving down to the orphanage which is about a 4-5 hour drive each way. We will take lots of pictures. Print Friendly and PDF


  1. SOOO happy for you that you have your boy!!!
    Hope you are better than us- we all have bronchitis- yuck.

  2. I'm so happy to hear that you and Josiah are doing well. Have fun in Xinyang. Can't wait to see your pictures! -- Ming Ming's Mama


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