China Trip 2012 (Nanjing)

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Made it to Shanghai
Need Prayer
China Day 2: Touring Shanghai
China Day 3: Shanghai to Nanjing (a rough day)
China Day 4: Meeting Autumn
China Day 5: Adoption and Grieving
More Pics
China Day 6: Orphanage Day (guest writer Steve)
Fun pics
Funny Translation T-shirts
China Day 7: Confucius Temple and Market
China Day 8: Purple Mountain, Yangtze River, & Flight to Guangzhou
China Day 9: Physical Exam
China Day 10: Six Banyan Temple
China Day 11: Qing Ping and Pearl Markets
China Day 12: Autumn Update and Zoo
A Few More Pics
China Day 13: When Do We Get To Go Hommmmme?
China Day 14: Ode to the Buffet and Getting Lost
More Pics from previous days, that are worth sharing
China Day 15/16: Hong Kong
China Day 17: Going Home
Welcome to the World of Jet Lag
One Month Update
Two Month Update
Three Month Update
Five Month Update
Six Month Update
One Year Ago We Adopted Our Daughter

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