March 17, 2012

China Day 9 - Physical Exam

It says pig, but it looks an awful lot like a rat to me.

Breakfast was great at The Garden as well, and even better is the scenery. There is a four story (man-made) waterfall and koi pond outside the dining area.

Then we went to get Autumn's physical exam, required by the US consulate. There were about 30 adoptive families, crowded like cattle, in an 80 degree waiting area with not enough chairs, screaming and crying babies, and whiny kids. We stood in line to see four different doctors, of which one was for Autumn to get a shot (TB test). We were there for about two hours. Sheehan, Autumn, and I were wearing shorts and t-shirts, but Steve and Josiah were wearing pants and long-sleeve shirts. The temperature rose as people crammed in line together. At one point I said to Steve, "I think this is what Hell might be like."

After the exam, we came back to the hotel so Steve and J-man could change before going to Pizza Hut for lunch. I couldn't stay the whole time because I had to be back by 2 pm to do paperwork with the guide. Steve had to finish the meal and get the kids safely back across the busy street (which is no easy task, if you've seen the way they drive in China) to our hotel. (Steve picks up writing the story here) By the grace of God, Steve survived feeding Autumn, keeping the boys entertained, paying the bill (not as easy as it sounds in China), getting the leftovers boxed and playing the human version of Frogger with our three children zig-zagging through a road choked with kamikaze taxi drivers, uncaring moped riders and a handful of bike riders while cheerleading Sheehan the entire way willing him to hold the leftovers, hold on to my pants while keeping his legs crossed so as not to pee his pants (thanks for mentioning that Sheehan on the way out!). Wow, getting into our room was a miracle.

After that, things went pretty well ... Autumn took a long nap, then we went to the pool for, most likely, Autumn's 1st swim (she had a blast), which included standing up to both brothers and splashing them back with the frigid pool water that they splashed her with ... Go girl ... Watching Autumn frolic on the playground with her brothers was a true pleasure ... She absolutely could not contain herself, she had so much fun. We finished up with the Chinese version of ramen noodles in our room and then called it a night. And so we say good night to everyone as well.
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  1. Kate,
    We took Janie swimming yesterday as well. she was a crazy wild woman. so very funny!!!


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