March 22, 2012

China Day 14 - Ode to the Buffet and Getting Lost

On Shamian Island yesterday

Every morning since we've been here, I've sung the Folger's song (sing with me!): the BEST part of waking up, is...and then I'm stumped because its definitely not Folger's, but the 150 item breakfast buffet, and I can't think of anything that rhymes with up, and the coffee is so thick and sludgy, that it can't possibly be what's in my cup.

We'll be sad to say good-bye to the buffet tomorrow. I'll be sure to eat a plate full of Middle Eastern mutton - I should ask for the recipe. I think I've gained 10 pounds on this trip. Probably because I'm eating like the title of our blog. Can I get a side order of croissants with my bacon? Does having chocolate sauce and whipping cream on your waffles count as breakfast? Or does that count against my daily dessert limit?

Anyway, after the best part of waking up, we packed up most of our stuff to leave tomorrow, then walked over to the Friendship Store, the big mall across the street, which Steve said should more appropriately be called, The Hoighty-Toighty, Everyone Stare Condescendingly at You, Except the Toy Section Where They Demonstrate Every Overpriced Toy and Stick Them in Your Daughter's Hands, Thereby Causing Multiple Tantrums Store.

The Hoighty-Toighty Store

We only lasted about 10 minutes before accidentally exiting into the back alley that led to the Trust-mart. We headed in that direction instead of going back the way we came. I said, "oh, I'm sure this road just loops around back to our hotel." Forty-five minutes later, through Chinese backstreets, being stared at by men hunched over bowls of noodles, we emerged on a busy road. I turned around and said, "What an adventure! That was the REAL China." Steve was seething.

Typical apartments you might see in China anywhere,
or when getting lost.

Then we went to a Mexican restaurant called Tekila, across the street from our hotel. Surprisingly, it was really, really good. I don't know why I think only Americans can make good Mexican food.
Then we went back to the hotel and Steve and the boys played Angry Birds and I played with Autumn, and even sang some songs, out of sheer boredom. I realized that it's good for me to be bored sometimes. Because, a) it forces me to be creative (singing songs), and b) it makes me appreciate work. I actually looked forward to hand washing all our laundry because it gave me something to do. Even though I still played the martyr and sighed a lot for sympathy, and whined because the kids kept needing to wash their hands, I was glad to be productive.

Then at 4:15, we got Autumn's visa, then went for a walk in the hotel gardens, and took the kids to the mini hotel playground and the kiddie pool again, which was still the temperature of a recently melted Slurpee on a hot day, just not as sticky. Then we ate ramen in the room for the 2,768th time, and bathed - separately, well except for the kids.

Off to Hong Kong on a noontime train tomorrow, with sightseeing in the afternoon, hopefully. Print Friendly and PDF

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  1. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Hey there world travelers. While you were eating noodles in China, I was eating them in Italy with the owner of our Hong Kong factory. How odd is that??

    Loved the photo of Kate and her kids as well ad Sheehan pushing Autumn in the stroller

    In Belgium now worn out

    Miss you all
    Aunt Chris


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