August 13, 2006

Not Just My Fear Of Flying...

Ok. So most people know that I have a small fear of flying and I take a prescription to get on the plane. Then along come these terrorists who try to scare me with their liquid bombs and what not. Ok. So God can help me out with those fears. My bigger issue is now that I can't carry any liquid, gel, creamy or waxy substances onto the plane because of these guys trying to blow our country am I going to go for 13.5 hours WITHOUT CHAPSTICK??? Anyone who knows me even a little bit knows I have had a mild addiction to the stuff since I was a senior in high school and had the flu and at that point, my lips dried out for FOREVER! This will be a major sacrifice. I'm almost brought to tears with the thought of the very few times I've been places and forgot my chapstick. I know this probably sounds trivial to some people, but me without Chapstick is like a crack-addict going through withdrawals. Steve might find me curled up in a fetal position, whimpering out small moans and clawing at the plane window after about 4 hours in flight.

Maybe by the time we travel, the flight attendants will be selling an array of lotions, hair gels and Chapsticks for those of us freaks who can't go for more than 3 hours without this stuff. Just a thought. Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Aunt Kim10:36 AM

    I think I heard this morning, they are allowing some lipsticks, baby food and what not... so maybe your prayers have been answered. LOL


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