August 03, 2006

Day 34 of our wait for Travel Approval to China
(Day 1 was the day we sent our letter of intent to adopt An Hu Min/Peter)
We got our referral today!

I went out to check on my tomato plant (my current child) and right in the front door was a package containing our referral! This is our next step in the process of adopting An Hu Min. The referral included the original photos of him and all the original paperwork, and medical forms. There are also additional papers to fill out to send to CHI. These forms mean something major. It means we have to decide on a name for An Hu Min. We can't send them without his new name on them. We're going to nail down the name this weekend, so stay tuned (if anyone is actually reading this...I'm not sure). :-) This is so exciting!

Also, currently, there is a couple in Xi'an picking up there baby from the same orphanage Peter is in. They're going to try to get pictures of him to post on our yahoo group. :-)

I have seen some people waiting a wide range of days for their travel approval. I've seen: 66 days, 94 days, 120 days, 148 days all in the past three weeks. Another interesting thing is that all these people left for China about 2 weeks (!) after they got their travel approval. So, we really need to be ready...and of course, we're not. But, now I'm making a timeline and we're going to stop procrastinating. Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Aunt Kim6:45 AM

    Oh.. this is so exciting! I have tears in my eyes to know that my new nephew will soon be here! I think you should name him Dewey.. after pawpaw. LOL.

  2. I was actually talking with my friend Nikki at lunch today about names and she asked what my grandparent's names were. I told her Hayden (which is her husband's name ironically...minus the "e") and Dewey. We started laughing. It's like when I think of Peter Brady when I think of the name Peter, the first thing that comes to my mind when I hear Dewey, is Hughie, Dewey, and Louie.

  3. Mave Hiegel7:44 AM

    Since the Chinese fail to finish their names, I suggest:

    An(drew) Hu(ey) Min(della)????

    Okay, you better pick.

    (Elena Mei's name was Dong, Xiao Fan -- in the orphanage they called her "Fan Fan" and Karissa Leigh's was Wan, Jin Min "Min Min"). We decided not to use the Chinese names because they had no special ties to their bio families. The Dong and Wan were after the orphanages (Yangdong and Wanzai). The other names were picked by the orphanage workers. We noticed in Karissa's case that all the girls were Jin, but had different middle names (i.e., Min, Li, Su, Lin, etc.)

    I know, I'm not helping!!


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