August 10, 2006

A Lot Completed Today

Today was a big day.

- We met with our social worker for our addendum to our home study. That went well, it only took a half hour. She checked the smoke detectors, the temperature of the water in the bathroom (so Sheehan won't scald himself) and then we talked about the terrorist stuff going on in London.

- Then we drove downtown to the Chinese Consulate to apply for our visas (because you can't do this via mail, you either have to go in person or have a courier go for you - and of course I'm too cheap to consider the latter). We forgot that we needed a priority mailing envelope AND a money order OR cash to apply for our visas, so we took a short walk over to the post office to pick that stuff up, then back to the Chinese Consulate. Then we went to the new sweet two-tiered McDonald's downtown and had lunch. They had a tv screen that showed portions of old McDonald's commercials, like the guy with the big moon head that sang "Mac Tonight." And they showed what the first Happy Meal looked like...I think that was like 1982. Ahhh...memories.

- Then we went to the airport to finalize our plane tickets for the trip. That part freaked me out a little because of the terrorist stuff going on. I didn't want to be anywhere near the airport. But, God kept reminding me that He's in control of all of this, and I felt better.

- I had our last summer Bible study with the high school girls tonight. They are throwing me a baby shower next Wednesday. I was really touched by their desire to do this. They made me leave the room at the end of the evening, so they could plan it. Then I dropped them all off at Paige's house.

- I got one more cherry tomato off my plant. We're up to a total of 15 now. There are at least 30 small green ones right now. Green beans are trashed. Stinkin' bugs! BTW, I saw my neighbor out with her broom last night chasing a teeny, tiny, little baby bunny away from her drain spout. I wanted to hit her with the broom. But, I didn't.

- Now, I'm here blogging. It's pretty humid out. Good Night. Print Friendly and PDF


  1. Aunt Kim10:42 AM

    You should buy a bunny costume and go stand by your neighbors drain. When she comes out.. yell at her and say "Hey.. I hear you got after my kid with a broom. Well here I stand.. come meet your match." She will probably freak. LOL

  2. That's pretty funny. I think she might move because she'd be so scared. Or, she'd call the police on me. LOL!


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