August 29, 2006

China Itinerary

Wed, 8/30 - Depart for Beijing, China at noon
Thurs, 8/31 - Arrive in Beijing at 2:25 pm (1:25 am-8/31, Chicago time)
Fri, 9/1 - Temple of Heaven in morning; Lunch at Dai Jia Cun Restaurant; and Hutong Tour in afternoon.
Sat, 9/2 - Sightseeing: TianAnMen Square & Forbidden City, the Great Wall. Orientation
Sun, 9/3 - Flight to Xian in the morning, meet Sheehan in afternoon
Mon, 9/4 - Adoption procedure in morning
Tues, 9/5 - Free day
Wed, 9/6 - Sightseeing: Terra-cotta Warriors
Thurs, 9/7 - Sightseeing: City Wall and Provincial Museum, Tang Dynasty Dinner and Show in the evening
Fri, 9/8 - Get all the paperwork back
Sat, 9/9 - Fly to Guangzhou in the afternoon
Sun, 9/10 - Join other CHI groups
Mon, 9/11 - Medical examination for Sheehan
Tues, 9/12 - American Consulate appt; Farewell dinner
Wed, 9/13 - Go to American Consulate in morning, get visa for Sheehan in early evening
Thurs, 9/14 - Depart for Beijing at 9am, Flight to Chicago at 4:20 pm. Arrive in Chicago around 4:20 pm, 9/1 (same day)

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