May 04, 2012

Keepin' It Low

Today was just another typical day with a toddler in the house.  She scribbled in a library book, locked herself in the bedroom, ran around naked, and pooped straight up her back.

I was hunched over the kitchen sink doing dishes when Sheehan said, in a too casual tone, "she has poop on her back." 

"What did you say?" 

"She has poop on her back." 

I ran into the living room, tripping over the couch pillows she had dragged into the kitchen earlier, and found her standing in only a diaper with poop straight up her back.  There were streaks of poop all over the carpet and in one spot, it looked like she had stood on it and twisted, like she was trying to put out a cigarette.

I took her into the kitchen and tried to clean her up, but she just dragged it in on her feet.  So I picked her up, holding her out, like waiting for a jack-in-the-box to explode, and carried her to the bathtub for her second bath of the day.  She had poop on her legs, her feet, her hands, and even in her ear.

So, this our new normal.  It's all about keepin' it low (low expectations).  I consider the day a success if I can get through without any of the kids dying.  Our house has never been so messy, but that's okay because I have low expectations.  

Couch pillows and Legos all over the kitchen floor?  At least its not poop.  

Fourteen sets of flash cards all dumped out and mixed up?  At least the house didn't catch on fire.  

Yesterday, Autumn collided with the outside edge of where two walls meet, leaving an inch long gash on her forehead.  At least we didn't go to the ER.  Besides, she's our third child, I just sewed it up myself.

Jesus has brought me a long way since we adopted Sheehan.  I used to flip out when he would mix the Play-doh colors.  Now we just have a giant ball of brown, and I can be okay with that.  I'm just singing the same song as before - just let it go, and love.  But, I really would be singing a different tune if it weren't for Jesus.  The tune would sound more like, maybe, a raging maniac.

A few minutes ago, all the kids were chasing each other in circles in the basement, laughing. When I went downstairs, Sheehan said he's really glad to have Autumn as a little sister.  Hallelujah!  That's the first time since we've been home that Sheehan's expressed any pleasure about having a little sister. Of course, now they're playing with swords and guns and at least one kid is crying.

Keepin' it low.
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  1. Anonymous7:59 AM

    With my first I used to make sure all the toys had all their little parts in all the right places..

    Now? I'm lucky if I kick a toy into the proper room. "You better pick it up so you don't trip on it."

    Your play dough comments cracked me up. Keep your expectations low. It takes me two days to clean everything up...and in about twenty minutes it can all be a disaster again. It's very rarely ever worth it...Your family molding together and laughing..that is worth so much. Jesus is very good.


  2. YEA! Sweeter words have rarely been heard.
    I am a fan of brown play dough, toys laying around, and HAPPY kids.

    I am so glad your family is enjoying each other. Keep up the great work!


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