February 26, 2012

"Recycled" Shower

Yesterday, my friends Anne, Elaine, Amy, Kathy, Melissa (my sister and friend), Val, Greta, Marion...I'm probably missing someone who contributed significantly to pull this thing off...threw me a "Recycled" Shower.  Everyone was invited to bring used, recycled, or eco-friendly items for Autumn, including, clothes, toys, books, or anything else Autumn might need.  We went from having 3 outfits to having a full line of clothes for her to wear the next 3-5 years - including beautiful velvet Christmas dresses and cute Halloween costumes.  She got a tea set, play picnic box, dress-up clothes in a dress-up trunk, "girl books," and the list goes on.  It was a beautiful party and so awesome to see so many of my friends in one place.  Great day!  Thank you all very much!

These "fortune cookies" were made out of caramel!  They each had a little "fortune" in them that read, "Autumn Grace Hall will be here soon!"

Kathy's recycled brown-paper bag wrapping...

Heidi's Recycled Art - Beautiful!!!

At first, I thought this was a hair decoration, then learned it was a tutu.  I played it off like I knew that.  Clearly I have two boys at home.

Hopefully we'll find out tonight or tomorrow morning exactly what date we travel.
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