Adoption Timeline

Mar. 25 - Home
Mar. 21 - Consulate appointment
Mar. 12 - Gotcha Day
Mar. 8 - Leave for China

24 - Travel Approval received (15 days)
9 - Article 5 to CCWAA in Beijing
8 - Article 5 picked up

January 2012
18 - (China time) - Visa packet hand-delivered to Consulate via CAWLI courier
17 - Received NVC letter via email this morning
12 – Confirmation that I800 approval was rec'd by NVC (Nat'l Visa Center)
5 - I800 approval to me/NVC

27 – Sent care package to Autumn thru Red Thread
23 – Applied for our visas (picked up on 12/30/11)
19 – Overnighted I-800 application
14 – Rec'd LOA (letter of acceptance)

10 - Rec'd PA (pre-approval) to adopt Autumn
8 – Mailed LOI (letter of intent to adopt Autumn)
7 – Received Autumn's picture & medical records (referral)

23 – DTC (Date dossier sent to China)
14 – Mailed round #2 of paperwork to CAWLI
1 – I800a approval date

29 – Mailed round #1 of paperwork to CAWLI (arr. 9/2/11)
19 – Fingerprint schedule date

11 – I800a app. logged in
8 – I800a application mailed
7 – Home study sent to DCFS by FRC

12 - 4th mtg with FRC (at FRC)
7 – 3rd mtg with FRC - 1st home visit
6 – CAWLI Intake conference call

22 - FBI clearance fingerprints/background checks (Steve) (IL - 4/18/11)
21 – FBI clearance fingerprints (Kate) (IL - 4/18/11, OH – 6/17/11!!!, VA - 5/6/11)
17 – Steve's medical appt.
14 – Mailed app. To CAWLI (placement agency)
Kate's medical appt.
6 - 2nd mtg with FRC (at FRC – Open House)

28 – First mtg w/FRC via Skype
24 – Sent for Steve's birth certificate (IL) (rec'd 3/18/11)
23 – Sent for Kate's birth certificate (VA) (rec'd 3/28/11)

January 2011
30 – Dropped off app. to FRC (homestudy agency)
2 – applied to receive marriage certificate (Cook Cty, IL) (rec'd 1/10/11)
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  1. Hi there! I googled i800 and blog, and here you are! I'm curious how long the i800 process is taking nowadays. I'm blown away at the speed of your process!
    So your dossier documents didn't have to be authenticated at the state level, national level, then at the Chinese Embassy in DC? Ours did (except Kenyan embassy) - we have just been approved by the Kenyan government to adopt, which is the first step for us after turning in our dossier to Kenya. Is there no official approval process for China? I've decided that is the biggest hurdle here in Kenya :(
    Anyway, so it appears your i800 process took about 3 weeks? I'll be sure to send mine Priority via Fedex as we are already here in Kenya. Then possibly that'll save us a little time. Thanks so much for your info - it was exactly what I needed to know :) Many blessings to you!

    1. Jess, do you know Tracy at She is a wealth of info when it comes to Kenya adoptions. She is in Kenya now.

      Our i800 was the fastest approval I've seen. I have no idea why. A friend of mine just waited over four months. There is no rhyme or reason.

  2. Hmmm good to know. We will definitely pray for a quick turnaround. Thank you!
    Yes! Tracy arrived a couple of weeks ago (or 3 now?). She is super sweet. It is nice to finally meet her in person and to be doing this process along with someone else (there is a group of us that are sort of in the same timeline together. Fun!). Thanks again for your info!


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