January 18, 2012

NVC Packet taken to Consulate

Our visa packet was taken to the Consulate last night (Jan. 18th, China day time).

One step closer.  I'm sensing my anxiety and excitement increasing.  We're trying to get everything done/accomplished/cleaned/ready as quickly as we can.

According to our adoption timeline here's what's left:
- Article 5 to be issued (14 days from Jan. 18 - Chinese New Year may slow this down)
- Article 5 to CCWAA in Beijing via CAWLI (2-3 days)
- Travel Approval (TA) (8-30 days)
- Leave for China (about 2 wks later)

So absolute earliest would be Feb. 24th to leave, but that's like really unlikely.  More realistic is early to mid-March or even late March.  I hope we make it by her 3rd b-day (March 30th).
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  1. This is great news! I am getting excited. We already have a pile of things that Fleurette wants to give to Autumn. :o)

  2. I just saw your note from a few days ago on Facebook and replied there also! I'm adding you to my blog roll and hoping we might be in China at the same time!


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