October 25, 2012

Hot-Diggity, New Blog-Diggity and My First Giveaway

Check out my new McBloggy! If you're reading this via email, you have to come check out my new digs (Mom, that means click this link to my blog, so you can see it because I been pimpin' my crib and it's lookin' flyyyyyy.).

And I did it all by myself thanks to Desirae at Sommerfugl Design who asked me to test and review her Blogger Design eCourse.

Absolutely adorable.  Can I get an Amen?
Have you been toying with the idea of starting a blog? Have you been looking at your current blog, thinking it looks uglier than a tied-up, hissing, Canadian Hairless? Are you a moron with the mouse, but really want to take your blog from suckin' to rockin'?

Well, now's your opportunity to change all that!

Enter to win a Blogger Design eCourse that takes you step-by-step through the process of designing your own blog. 

One lucky follower will WIN a spot in the Sommerfugl Design eCourse (a $25 value)!  Just enter the giveaway below.  The eCourse is November 15th, so mark your calendars and enter away (should you enroll in her eCourse directly, then win the giveaway, Desirae will refund your money)!

Off the top of my head, here are a couple benefits of designing your own blog
  • You own your design.  It belongs to you, nobody else.  You get the credit...or...get laughed at for your creation.
  • I learned a lot of things (see "what is taught" below) that I would never know if someone else designed my blog.
  • I learned a lot about html.  I can now make future changes (with Desirae's included eBook close by) when I get sick of my new site.
  • I get to design it myself.  I majored in Design in college.  Okay, it was one design class...Interior Design, but I got an A...(pause for effect)...so, of course I want to use those same skills I used to create that sleek and modern man-cave to produce something that totally represents me on my blog.  And I think I did that: feminine and simple (wait...), with a focus on my writing (I decided against the designs that represented me as someone who rarely showers and lives in a pig-sty, no matter how accurate they might be). 

When is the eCourse: The first course will start November 15th, with other courses to follow (you can sign up for December 15th as well).

Price: $25 (unless you're the lucky winner!  Then it's free.)

Length: There will be a number of lessons over a two-week period. You'll have access to all lessons and personal help from Desirae for one month.

Size of Class: Limited to 30 people.

What’s included: One month access to the lesson site, an eBook with the general lessons for future reference, free blogger templates, resource lists, one-on-one help from Desirae, peer feedback on your design, and video tutorials.

What is taught: 
  • The basics of coding for your blog (CSS and HTML).
  • How to design a great looking header image and blog button.
  • Fonts: How to install them on your blog, and use them in your designs.
  • Backgrounds: How to add them, and what works best.
  • The blogger elements, and how to customize them.

  • The Navigation Bar: how to customize it and how to create drop-down menus.

  • How to add social media buttons.

  • Adding additional widget areas to your blog.

  • The little extras: post signatures, post dividers and more.

  • How to install your new blog design.

Want to ensure you have a spot in the November 15th class? You can purchase your place in the Desirae's Design Shoppe by clicking here. The December class is also currently on sale.

Now, it's time to enter to win!!!

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  1. Yay! Your first giveaway! It's like

  2. Um, yeah...the "It's like" was supposed to have been deleted because I couldn't think of anything tasteful...

  3. Looks like my cat in a bad mood! lol Your blog looks great! Wish I had time to be a part of it all! Great Job!

  4. JanineHuldie9:52 AM

    Great post. Love the new digs. Great job and awesome a contest too, to start with :) :)

  5. Aprille10:54 AM

    the new design looks GREAT!!!

  6. I think I may have already mentioned this but your new design is fantastic! How cool that you can take all the credit too :)

  7. WTG! I do love the look of your new crib! Cool!

  8. Cari Lorine12:27 PM

    Great blog, Kate! And you already have a contest going! I need to get on the ball! :)

  9. I got lucky. My cousin hooked me up. Her blog has way more followers than mine.

  10. Thanks Heidi! I actually looked at your blog for inspiration. Was considering having a wine bottle, or splash of wine, in the background, but then I got lazy (lazier).

  11. I know, it's so exciting! Hopefully I'll have someone enter it. Ha ha!

  12. Thanks Richard! Do you have a hairless cat? How do they stay warm???

  13. LOL! And thanks for doing all this first, so I could just copy yours. :-)

  14. Great idea for a giveaway! This would be a great one to win! I'm super impressed with the fact that you designed this yourself. Awesome. I would love to learn how to do that.

  15. It was awesome Laura! I can make buttons and banners and signatures and all kinds of stuff thanks to Desirae.

  16. YAAAAY! LOVE the new look, ladypants! And the fact that you did it yourself (with instruction or not... I'm a bit computer illiterate) is super impressive! *jealous blog swoon!*
    Keep up the good work! <3

    I do just want to let you know that on your "Popular Whine" category, your posts seem to be a little too far to the left. It says "0 clues that I'm living in 2012", which is actually pretty damn funny, but probably not how you want it to read... Keep up the good work! I love stopping by here. Err - clicking on you. Clicking you? Hmm... What is the appropriate term here. OH! STALKING! I love stalking you. Now it's more fun with the pink!

  17. I love your stalking! Ugh, I know about that 0 clues thing. Desirae and I are working on it right now. We've tried a couple tricks to fix it, but they haven't worked yet. She has a few more ideas up her sleeve. Hopefully, with her help, I can fix it soon.

  18. ha ha, funny girl :) I am honoured that you like my blog design though. I'd love to learn more so hopefully I win your first giveaway!!

  19. Sara Stone8:36 PM

    Your giveaway read my mind. Seriously I need a overhaul!


  20. Awesome! I wish everyone could win. It's sooo helpful.

  21. Jackie Scott9:54 PM

    Love the new design girl!! Lookin' fab!!

  22. Melanie Chisnall8:13 AM

    I love everything about this blog - the look, the title and the tagline :) Great giveaway, what a fantastic idea, especially in this day and age of blogging!

  23. Awesome work.Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading.Thanks for the share


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